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Business Banking

From the outside, it’s a business. From the inside, it’s different. It’s your most significant asset. Your primary source of income. Your inspiration and your passion.  Whatever your perspective, your Standard Offshore Banker will get to know you and embrace why you feel the way you do about your owned business or the company you make the financial decisions for.  A Standard Offshore Banker understands your aspirations and confidently moves you closer to where you want to go. 

We consider that it takes more than a bank to support your vision. It’s take a financial partner with innovative ideas and a mix of products to accommodate the simple solutions and complex transactions. Your thriving corporate entity needs to consider the integration of credit into growth strategies and overall plan for wealth accumulation. 

When the majority of your assets are held in a privately held business or if you hold a significant equity position in a corporate entity, considering the financial affairs of the entity becomes an integral part of managing and planning for your overall wealth. A Standard Offshore Banker provides you with access to financial experts and advisors that look beyond the business.  Their perspectives capture not only opportunities for the business, but wealth strategies for the stakeholders, as well.

Deposit Accounts & Transaction Services

You expect a differentiated level of service and responsiveness. Because we understand your full financial position and plan, we tailor a mix of deposit and payment services that are best for your business. More >

Customized Loans & Credit Solutions

You know when the time is right to seek capital for your business. We’ll compliment your strategic direction with a credit facility that supports your plans for the continued prosperity of your business for generations to come. More > 

Escrow Accounts & Services

You’re entrusted with funds. What matters most is ensuring their security and the timely disbursement according to specific conditions and terms. You also need flexibility when it comes to reporting as, for you, standard reports don’t always fit the bill. More >

Business Succession Planning

It seems like yesterday when you were creating the startup plan. Now, it’s time to plan for preserving the asset you created. More >


Leverage Credit to Build and Preserve the Value of Your Business 

We provide clients with access to capital for many different reasons. But with every credit facility there is one thing in common, the sense of pride and confidence we have in what our clients do best – and want the most. More >


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